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Please excuse our appearance whilst we're making some alterations to our website. We're working on some new pages and content which will provide you with more insight into the work that we do, how we do it and the success our clients have experienced as a result. Do bear with us, and if you have any questions about how we can help your business please do contact us.

We’re a passionate change consultancy helping organisations, teams and individuals succeed by transforming good ideas into business results. We particularly focus on the "people" aspects of change. We’ve helped out with a very wide range of business challenges including, facilitating organisational change, leading problem programs out of trouble, and designing new sales strategies. We try to make it really easy to do business with us, and as a result have worked with many FTSE 100 Companies, large multinationals, small businesses, Government Departments and charities.



Taking you through the stormy waters of making change happen.

Poorly implemented change can sometimes lead to resentment, conflict, poor performance and business uncertainty. But sometimes change is necessary, and whilst there may be critical processes, policies and procedures to implement that’s often when problems arise. It’s only through the actions, and interactions, of all the people involved that change really happens.



Helping businesses grow strong.

There are many aspects to business and perhaps one of the most important is sustained growth, be that organically or by acquisition.

Choosing which route to take and how to get there can be challenging. Our aim is to help you work out the best ways to get to where you want to get to and work with you to achieve the growth you’re looking for. Our consultants offer support and the wealth of their experience to help individuals, teams and businesses acquire new skills, gain confidence and competence. If needed, we’ll also help restructure your organisation to sell more strategically and implement cultural change programmes to help make it all happen.



Taking leaders and teams on their development journey to new horizons.

We work with a range of leaders ranging from new managers through to divisional heads of billion dollar businesses. A key part of helping people develop their leadership skills is making sure that managers have the right processes to support them and the right skills to make a difference. We will often design and implement competency frameworks, development and assessment centres and skills training programmes.

A large part of our work is with management teams. We design interventions focused on helping team work together more effectively and more efficiently.

As with everything else we do the focus is on real world situations. Whilst we might use case studies and team effectiveness models, it is crucial that those are applied to a team’s real situation.


Organisations create and implement strategies through people. In the end people make everything happen. So whilst there are critical enablers that are needed such as processes, systems, policies, procedures, discipline and business content, it is only when they are brought together and enacted through people, that valuable activity happens. If your organisation is embarking on a change programme – no matter how large or small – talk to us about how we may be able to help.



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