JA Consulting is a boutique management consultancy which, over the last 20 years, has helped hundreds of leaders like you succeed. We help you lead your organisation to deliver now and we’ll establish a relationship that will help you throughout your professional career.


You’ll likely have a capable organisation already, with capable people. In today’s environment, however, all organisations run very fast and very lean. When faced with new or difficult challenges, organisations often don’t have the time, specific experience, or quality resources immediately available. That’s where we can provide practical and immediate help.

Our team of around 20 principals and associates are experienced practitioners, who have themselves successfully led multi-million international and small businesses. Our backgrounds span all the major functional roles, from Marketing, Sales, HR, Engineering to Project Management and have held senior leadership positions.

We’ve helped out with a very wide range of business challenges, from helping devise new market strategies, facilitating organisational change, leading problem programs out of trouble to implementing a new support strategy. We really enjoy, and do a lot of, executive coaching. In all cases our support will be practical and implementable, put simply:

"We transform good ideas into business results by applying our expertise to project, strategic and operational effectiveness through working with businesses, teams and individuals."

How we do it

First we listen. Then discuss what you feel comfortable doing yourselves and where we can most help.

We have a trademarked process (tweaked for each client and each situation) which will help you assess the effectiveness of your business today and highlight the optimal actions. We will help you get clear and really aligned on your strategy. We then help ensure it’s delivered by aligned organisational design, best practice processes and high performance leadership teams.

We provide access to the latest best practice more cost effectively than the company can do itself. We provide coaches, mentors, facilitators and interim leaders to assist you during your transition.

Helping you succeed for the long-term

Our business success has come from establishing long-term relationships with people like you. 95% our work comes from repeat business and the rest by recommendation. We’ve learnt that we will be invited back if we help you really deliver for your business and are seen to be great value:

  • This means we stay low-key and let you and your team brand the work.
  • It means we won’t tell you what you want to hear – but what you need to know.
  • It means we will aim to be as efficient as possible and to transfer skills into your company so that it will sustain without us. We are often invited back – but never to repeat the same piece of work. This means you’ve always got someone independent to bounce ideas off, to efficiently find out what’s best practice and have access to a huge international network of contacts.
  • Many of clients choose to formalise this with an Executive Coaching contract, because they find the small investment really helps them perform in their roles.
  • Other businesses choose to extend the coaching process to include other members of the executive team, individuals new to a role, or whole teams transitioning through change.
  • Once you’ve established a relationship with us, we are always available to talk and help you think about your challenges. We know that this usually doesn’t lead us to a piece of funded work, but we know it’s in our long-term interests to continue to help you be successful.