Accelerate your project start-up for success with Project KickStart

With as many as 70%, or even 90%, of change initiatives allegedly failing, we know it’s sometimes difficult to get going on a new project, to make sure that everyone is in agreement with strategy and goals, to maintain the enthusiasm right the way through and to fast track activities just enough to ensure business maximises return on investment as early as possible. Our 5-step Project KickStart may accelerate your start-up.


Project KickStart - 5 steps to accelerating your projects to success


1.  ENGAGE – Get good engagement at the very start to gain momentum

Working with a small senior team ensuring clarity of both high level and intermediate objectives making sure these are crystal clear.

2.  MESSAGE – Create compelling messages and visualisations

Projects tend to get treated as a series of logical tasks and of course that is important. Making sure that all members of the team really get what the high level objective and the reason the project exists means that it is crucial to get the messaging absolutely right. Given many people prefer pictures to words these messages are then turned into compelling visualisations. We typically work with a senior team to do this; often as a precursor to the energiser stage.

3.  HARNESS STRENGTH – Help teams harness their inherent and combined strengths

Whilst all projects have technical “deliverables”, they are run by people and making sure that the people all understand their own, and their colleagues’, strengths, working styles and preferences avoids some of the inevitable challenges.

4.  ENERGISE – Outcome/goal based planning – high energy facilitated workshops

We design a bespoke workshop with the senior team. It will typically have a strong element of vision, setting high level objectives, project planning and accelerated knowledge of each person. It will always finish with a detailed action planning session.

5.  SUSTAIN – Leader and team coaching to enable them to be more successful

We will support members of the team through coaching and mentoring using qualified coaches with deep practical experience.


We believe our unique approach accelerates your project planning activities kickstarting your way to success. Don’t just take our word for it… here’s what one of our clients in the defence industry has to say….

“I’ve worked with JA Consulting over the last five years….. they have delivered a number projects where they’ve helped us rapidly form really effective cohesive teams that can hit the ground running. They have also helped us accelerate our project planning activities, with extremely experienced consultants running facilitated workshops and have typically achieved in two days what can take far longer to achieve in a normal working environment. The way they approach things builds high levels of confidence, commitment and generates rapid actions. They are great people to have on your team and easy to do business with.”


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