JA Consulting is made up of dedicated and passionate business professionals. We have a core of key consultants which gives us a diverse range of expertise whilst remaining a close-knit community. Our varied backgrounds and experience meld well together to create the breadth and depth we’re able to deliver. And, we have the advantage of over 30 specialist contributing consultants whose expertise we can draw on at any time. Our contributing specialists have specific market experience, knowledge or other relevant expertise.

All our consultants understand the pressures of working in the “real” world and relish the opportunity of working with clients on the key issues that affect them and their businesses. As a matter of policy no consultant will ever work on strategic issues for competing firms. Neither will we use the same consultant to help two or more firms when they are pitching to the same client for the same piece of work.


We can only do our job if we fully understand your situation and what you need. To do that we take the trouble to explore where you are currently, the issues and organisational set up and help you work out where you want to get to. That means we’ll ask the tough questions – as well as the simple ones. We’ll also challenge assumptions, probe expectations and if we don’t think something will work, we won’t be afraid to say so.

Blend of talent

Our offering is based on collaboration and respect, we work together to build on ideas. Our teams represent a unique blend of talents; what’s more we really know each other’s strengths and play to them. We accept work where we know we can add value but we don’t rely on repetitive solutions. Instead we pride ourselves on finding the best possible set of solutions for each company. We are also well known for instinctively recognising and respecting each individual’s talents and knowing just how far to stretch them in order to make the most of their potential.


We value the effective communication we have between our clients and ourselves. We work hard at being responsive and we’ve worked with many of our clients for a long time, which speaks volumes about the range of solutions we deliver. What clients tell us impresses them is that no matter who they talk to, and often in significant depth, we all have the same understanding. This takes a huge effort and we’re very proud of the level of service and commitment we offer our clients.

Long-term relationships

Our business success has come from establishing long-term relationships with people like you. 95% our work comes from repeat business and the rest by recommendation. We’ve learnt that we will be invited back if we help you really deliver for your business and are seen to be great value:

  • This means we stay low-key and let you and your team brand the work.
  • It means we won’t tell you what you want to hear – but what you need to know.
  • It means we will aim to be as efficient as possible and to transfer skills into your company so that it will sustain without us. We are often invited back – but never to repeat the same piece of work.

Once you’ve established a relationship with us, we are always available to talk and help you think about your challenges. We know that this usually doesn’t lead us to a piece of funded work, but we know it’s in our long-term interests to continue to help you be successful.

This means you’ve always got someone independent to bounce ideas off, to efficiently find out what’s best practice and have access to a huge international network of contacts.