Our offering is based on collaboration and respect, we work together to build on ideas. We accept work where we know we can add value but we don’t rely on repetitive solutions. Instead we pride ourselves on finding the best possible set of solutions for each company.

REASON 1: Broader perspective

We work with a large range of clients and that gives us insights into different markets which organisations that only work in one field perhaps rarely see. Those insights help us capture best practice from one industry and apply it elsewhere; it means we can help transfer knowledge to a wider audience enabling them to grow more successful.

REASON 2: More than just consultancy

Our experience goes beyond management consultancy. Between us we have over a century of hands-on management experience. We create innovative strategy implementation and we’re hugely experienced in capability and leadership development, project management and marketing communications. We also understand the intricacies of running a business and the psychology of how clients and customers buy products and services.

REASON 3: Solutions focussed thinking

We work with you to create what’s wanted. We don’t come in and make wholesale changes to working practice if it’s not needed. If something’s working well, we help you build on it. And if something’s not working we help clients step back and take stock. Then we help devise and implement approaches that are appropriate to the client’s needs and develop unique solutions or adapt existing alternatives.

REASON 4: Innovative approaches

We have a reputation for coming up with different ways of tackling issues and generating novel approaches for what our clients need. We employ creative thinking models which expand the range of possible solutions before honing in on the ones which will be used.

REASON 5: Making it happen

We’re very much about making things happen; that means we’ll explore the strategy, think through the possibilities, challenge assumptions, research the feasibility of ideas, and above all create appropriate actions and work with clients on their implementation. We’re also about embedding new skills and behaviours within our clients to help them do what needs to be done long after we’ve finished an intervention or project.

REASON 6: Flexibility & responsiveness

Our clients vary in size, industry and crucially culture. We understand that each of our clients is different and has unique issues and needs. We work with you to establish the best way of working together to execute plans and actions that achieve results.

REASON 7: Access to greater resources

If we don’t have the necessary expertise in house, we’ll either engage our large support networks to locate the right level of skill and experience or we’ll help our clients find it through generating shortlists of appropriate support and help our clients decide on the best fit.

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