Strong core

We have a close-knit core of key consultants with diverse expertise. Our varied backgrounds and experience meld well together to create the breadth and depth we’re able to deliver. What’s more we really know each other’s strengths and play to them.

And, we have the advantage of over 30 specialist contributing consultants whose expertise we can draw on at any time. Our contributing specialists have specific market experience, knowledge or other relevant expertise.

All our consultants understand the pressures of working in the “real” world and relish the opportunity of working with clients on the key issues that affect them and their businesses. As a matter of policy no consultant will ever work on strategic issues for competing firms. Neither will we use the same consultant to help two or more firms when they are pitching to the same client for the same piece of work.

JA Consulting: a world of consultants

a world of specialist consultants with a wealth of skills and experience