We are skilled at translating strategy into practical implementation, creating better project and business outcomes.

Working with senior leaders and their teams we enable them to achieve more effective outcomes through expert facilitation, insightful engagement of stakeholders and practical approaches to the business growth or change challenges they face within their business.




Enhancing the capabilities of the individual, teams and organisations.

Coaching is one of JA Consulting’s great passions, be it one-to-one or working with larger management groups. Our aim is to make people more effective by pushing the boundaries of what they think they can achieve, taking on a total business and personal perspective at the same time for maximum effect.


Project Management Coaching…..

Providing practical “on the job” support that combines elements of coaching, observation, mentoring, business advice and training to fit individual needs.


Independent Facilitation…..

Enabling clients to respond to customer needs through effective meetings focussed on the achievement of mutual objectives.