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Managing the strategy and implementation of change

Poorly implemented change can sometimes lead to resentment, conflict, poor performance and business uncertainty.

But sometimes change is necessary, and whilst there may be critical processes, policies and procedures to implement that’s often when problems arise. It’s only through the actions, and interactions, of all the people involved that change really happens.

Some people may be “bought-in” to the change, others not. Some may understand and agree with the “vision”, others may have a different picture of where they think the business is heading.

Getting the strategy clear, engaging everyone who is involved (be they staff, partners, suppliers, customers or clients), enhancing processes and managing change projects is where JA Consulting can help.

Our approach

Our approach to the management of change is to look at every aspect of the changes that are needed, to help businesses think through the implications, complications, and challenges that may arise. We pay particular attention to the people side of things focusing on building capabilities and embedding behavioural change. We specialise in working with groups and individuals using a highly facilitative approach. There are no “typical” situations and we respond to the needs of the intervention in hand.

What changes do you have planned for your organisation?

What uncertainties are there surrounding the implementation?

How sure are you that you’ll have the high degree of employee engagement, competence and confidence you need to make the change stick?

Contact us to find out what you can do to answer these tough questions.

We also create rich pictures

We’ve been doing more of this with our clients and frankly the feedback has been outstanding.