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Helping clients grow their business through winning new clients and making more of their existing clients.


We do that in a variety of ways. We will often help people define their business development strategy and then implement that strategy using a variety of practical of tools that are tailored for each organisation.

A key part of helping people implement their strategy is making sure that those tasked with doing business development have the right process to support them and the right skills to make a difference. We will often design and implement competency frameworks, development and assessment centres and skills training programmes.

Devising business strategies that drive business growth

There are many aspects to business and perhaps one of the most important is sustained growth, be that organically or by acquisition.

Choosing which route to take and how to get there can be challenging. Our aim is to help you work out the best ways to get to where you want to get to and work with you to achieve the growth you’re looking for. Our consultants offer support and the wealth of their experience to help individuals, teams and businesses acquire new skills, gain confidence and competence. If needed, we’ll also help restructure your organisation to sell more strategically and implement cultural change programmes to help make it all happen.

Sales strategy and account management

The selection and development of the best accounts that will help your business grow is a complex process. We can help firms, groups or individuals within firms through this critical process to create, develop and articulate their business development strategy.

Sales management coaching

Sales Management Coaching is much more than helping someone learn to sell.

If it was as simple as that you’d send them on a course and, hey presto, turn them into an award-winning salesperson. But as experience shows, knowing what to do and actually doing it are very different. Sales Management Coaching is about developing confidence, expanding thinking, creating new ways of finding answers, and above all, doing things that make a difference.

And, of course, that needs to be in a highly practical way. Which means there’s a strong focus on action planning and implementation. And that means developing sales strategy, tracking progress and overcoming barriers to success.

All our sales coaches have experience in sales environments; they understand the pressures and demands that exist, especially in testing economic times, and are used to working with partners, directors and all levels of management to help achieve results.