Buying has changed - and so too must sales strategy and skills

Organisations which have professional procurement departments are well prepared for complex sales conversations. These departments are often armed with large amounts of data about your organisation's performance globally and comparative competitor data. They may know more about your organisation than you do. Plus, they have a variety of smart tactics at their disposal to lock-in better deals for their organisation. All of which creates a challenging environment for sales people to successfully penetrate.

Sellers without the experience of knowing what works - and what doesn't - especially in the complex sales arena, may find winning the business a difficult and expensive learning curve.

So, to help companies sell into procurement we've combined our extensive understanding of best practice in procurement with deeply researched best practice in sales and account management, developing an approach which has been shown to deliver real sales improvements.

In a workshop environment - remotely or in a group situation - we equip senior level sales leaders with a clear understanding of the mentality of professional buyers and the strategies, processes and tactics they adopt. Key account managers and sales leads work on real key accounts to develop actionable plans as part of a larger Win or Account Plan. These are based on an approach to account management and negotiation that combines your existing processes and frameworks with our best practice templates, practical advice and expert selling skills.

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Highly facilitated approach using real life examples (and an organisation’s own accounts).

Dosed with pragmatism derived from procurement and account management perspectives.

Strong content mixed with robust challenge.

Follow up workshops work through the progress, challenges and obstacles of implementing the action plans.

Additional coaching and support available for performance enhancement.


  • An appreciation of the ‘new realities’ of buying and selling, and how senior level sales leaders can recalibrate their own thinking and approach.
  • Identification of which type of professional procurement organisation account managers are dealing with and the most effective strategies for successful engagement.
  • Comprehensive understanding and application of the power levers in the relationship and their impact on selling success. The ability for senior level sales leaders to take control of the power dynamic.
  • Understanding the core procurement category management process; with each stage’s sub-steps, tools, practices, and behaviours all comprehensively explained.
  • Account and Negotiation planning and execution approaches that specifically address the interests of all constituents in the customer business; professional buyers and their colleague stakeholders.
  • ‘Holding up the mirror’ to senior level sales leaders and determining how credible they are in the eyes of the professional buyer. In other words, the ‘blueprint’ for the ideal senior level sales leaders.
  • The senior level sales leaders become knowledgeable of procurement’s ‘power plays’ and is forearmed with appropriate responses.
  • Confident senior level sales leaders, delivering better business retention and more success in winning new tenders.

“In attending sales training for over 20 years, I learnt more in this programme than any of the others. It has really helped us engage better with the procurement function."
EK - General Manager, Manufacturing

“Understanding the thought-train behind procurement is critical for us to position ourselves for a win. Great facilitation, highly interactive. I would recommend it for any sales professional.”
JH - National Accounts Manager, Fuels & Lubes

“The expertise in the area of procurement has really helped us to drive important improvements in the way we manage our international key accounts. Moreover, the no-nonsense and direct approach makes the sessions dynamic and refreshing.”
JK - Account Director, Services

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