Why an excellent question framework is critical to sales success

‘You’re like Mickey Mouse, he has two ears, two eyes and one mouth, use them in that proportion’, a memorable piece of advice from my first ever Sales Manager.What this Sales Manager quite rightly highlighted was the importance of putting the potential customer’s challenges and needs at the heart of any sales conversation. Whether you lead on the front line in the sales engagement or are responsible for coaching your

Put customers at the centre

There’s no doubt that on initial inspection there is a huge amount of confusion and apprehension as to what ‘digital transformation’ means for businesses and organisations. But as noticeably, if not more so, there is a bewildering number of definitions of what is meant by ‘digital transformation’.The research from a-zI have read, amongst many others, McKinsey’s take on the 7 Traits of Effective Digital Enterprises, a Deloitte article looking at

how good are your questioning skills?

Questioning Skills

QUESTIONING IN SALES One of the things that always surprises me in our work in professional services, is the response from partners and fee earners to this question – ‘have you ever been taught a commercial questioning tool?’  They nearly always answer no, which is surprising when you look at the research about selling and the importance of questioning.  Essentially, questioning in sales should be like a voyage of discovery

are you really listening?

Are you REALLY listening to clients?

Are you REALLY listening to your clients, or just waiting to speak?  After all, you are going to be valued as an adviser for your knowledge and expertise in your specialist area of professional services?  Yes…but no!  Are you being curious about your potential client’s issues or are you just pushing your services at them in the way you have always done?  Curiosity may have killed the cat (!) but