how good are your questioning skills?

Questioning Skills

QUESTIONING IN SALES One of the things that always surprises me in our work in professional services, is the response from partners and fee earners to this question – ‘have you ever been taught a commercial questioning tool?’  They nearly always answer no, which is surprising when you look at the research about selling and the importance of questioning.  Essentially, questioning in sales should be like a voyage of discovery

Are your relationships strong enough to win you work?

Are your business relationships strong enough to win you work?

BUILDING BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS Business relationships are often described as the life blood of professional services firms.  Relationships exist with current and past clients, as well as those the firm is targeting to ultimately win future work with.  However, how often do partners, fee earners or business development professionals assess the existing and future clients’ relationships to discover where future revenue will come from? IDENTIFIED CONTACT One way of doing this