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Missed our recent webinar?
Catch up with the full recording

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Missed our recent Key Account Management webinar?

We recently hosted our live event taking an in-depth look as why Key Account Management (KAM) should be playing an active role in your B2B strategies.

If you missed the live webinar, don’t worry! You can catch up with the full recording.

What you missed ...

  • If you’re running a key account management programme today or you’re thinking of introducing KAM it needs to be treated seriously.
  • KAM needs commitment from the whole organisation to being the very best but also realising that this will take time.

  • Really good Key Account Managers think strategically and have a deep understanding of what matters to their customer; they take time to think about their customer’s markets and their customer’s competitors as well as their own. They can be difficult to find, but once you have them nurture them.

We thank our speaker, John Moss, for his insights and for sharing his experiences.

If you’ve not yet downloaded a copy of our White Paper on Key Account Management you can access a copy here.

Treating your customers/clients as Key Accounts - picture of heart in cupped hands.