dedicated to helping organisations implement sustainable and effective change


Helping you make sustainable and effective change

We are a passionate consultancy dedicated to helping organisations define, strategise – and critically – implement sustainable and effective change.

Going beyond conventional management consulting techniques, we concentrate on the “people” aspects of change offering pragmatic solutions that help individuals, teams and organisations be more effective.

More about us

Formed over 30 years ago, JA Consulting helps businesses and individuals acquire new skills and knowledge and find ways of putting them into practice in the workplace. Supported by facilitation and coaching we transfer knowledge and skills to enable clients to deliver on their strategies and actions. We help create new approaches to meeting challenges or resolving issues. Clients that already use us value the tremendous breadth, depth, experience and responsiveness that we offer.

We are skilled at translating strategy into practical implementation approaches for our clients, through facilitating better project and business outcomes. Working with senior leaders and their teams we enable them to achieve more effective outcomes through expert facilitation, insightful engagement of stakeholders and practical approaches to the business growth or change challenges they face within their business. 

Our proposition

"We turn good ideas into operational reality by applying our expertise to project, strategic and operational effectiveness through working with businesses, teams and individuals."

Meet our team

We're really good at...

  • Helping to make change happen through creating and embedding different ways of working to respond to internal and external challenges
  • Making linkages and connections across and within organisations to enable you to make the most of what you have
  • Facilitating good engagement at the start of programmes and projects – particularly where there are many stakeholder considerations and there is a need to bridge the interests of different communities
  • Creating compelling messages and visualisations to enable organisations to engage stakeholders, achieve more effective decision making, and improved business outcomes 
  • Working with leaders and teams to enable them to be more successful

Tailored solutions

We help clients work out what it is they need to be doing more or less of, be doing better or differently in order to achieve their goals. And then we help clients do it, by working with them to develop robust business approaches backed up by practical and stretching action plans.

Commitment to communication

We value the effective communication we have between our clients and ourselves. We work hard at being responsive and we’ve worked with many of our clients for a long time, which speaks volumes about the range of solutions we deliver. What clients tell us impresses them is that no matter who they talk to, and often in significant depth, we all have the same understanding. This takes a huge effort and we’re very proud of the level of service and commitment we offer our clients.


How we work

Our goal is always to pass on skills and knowledge to allow the organisation to be self-sufficient as quickly as possible. When you meet us, you'll find we're far more interested in talking to you about your business than talking about ourselves. You can expect us to be direct, use plain language and to give practical advice and support you can actually use.

If we are involved in facilitating or coaching, you can be sure that what you say to us will be un-attributable unless you say it's OK to quote you. You can also expect us to tell your leadership what they need to hear, not only what they want to hear - we’ll do it politely, but we’ve learnt it doesn’t help our clients or our reputation in the long-term if we don’t confront the difficult issues.

We are all problem solvers at heart with a track record of delivering real results in short timescales. 95% our work comes from repeat business because we are seen as great value and people like working with us.