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Doubts over your bid success chances?

A clear roadway to your next bid proposal?

  • Does answering the bid fit with your business strategy?
  • Do you have a bid team who can create and deliver a winning proposial?
  • How long might it take the bid team to reach peak performance? How does that fit with the bid timetable?
  • How are you avoiding blinkered, group-think creeping into your proposition?
  • Is your solution genuinely innovative and different to other contenders?
  • What are your plans for managing stakeholders and building strong relationships with the customer?
  • How will you convince the customer that your proposition is the best solution for what they perceive the problem to be?
  • Are you convinced that your proposition is financially attractive and financially deliverable?
  • Have you stress-tested your negotiation strategy? Or even got a negotiation strategy?
  • What are the strategic implications of not winning the bid - or coming second?
  • What is the risk of a competitor winning the bid?

If you're having doubts about any aspect of preparing or presenting a bid our BID SUPPORT service may help.