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  • <strong><font color=Sales transformation" />
  • <strong>Large scale project delivery</strong>
  • <strong>Confidence building</strong>
  • <strong>Sales coaching</strong>
  • <strong>Grasping what sales means<br>to a new audit manager </strong>
  • <strong><font color=Team building" />
  • <strong>Transforming <br>a big 4 tax group</strong>
  • <strong><font color=Critical success factors in
    professional services sales " />
  • <strong><font color=Create recurring, high value, client experiences at every stage of the buyer journey " />

All the work we do is based on deep experience and we utilise the most comprehensive research sources to ensure that whatever we do will deliver results. Our know-how means we can swiftly design pragmatic interventions which are built on what the best do – and often brought to life with real case illustrations.

Some case studies to inspire you

We’re proud to have served a great many clients during our 30 years in business. Much of our work is shrouded in commercial confidentiality, and we’re very protective of all of our clients’ privacy, so you won’t find us divulging client identities. But our clients are keen to share their stories about their successes.

Here are some of the stories we can tell you about.


When we’re next able to tell you about more client successes, we’ll include the details here. Perhaps it could be your story.