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Why does the accuracy of your sales forecast matter?

Over forecast and underperform ...

... and run the risk of shredding margins and profitability as fixed costs are spread across reducing sales volumes.

Under forecast and overperform ...

... and run the risk of not being able to adequately service your customers; may create production backlogs and undermine customer satisfaction.

Both of these can lead to mid-long term underperformance of the organisation, concerns about leadership - including lack of trust,
inability to plan effectively and reduced return on investment for any shareholders and investors.

The accuracy of the sales forecast is a measure of commercial robustness and value.
And, successful businesses make the effort to get it right.


What’s needed is a quick, efficient mechanism for understanding:-

  • The reliability of the sales and revenue forecasts
  • The potential volatility in those forecasts
  • The more likely outcomes
  • The key risks that need to be managed to mitigate against failure
  • Where any investment should be made to improve potential and opportunity

So we invented Sales Under the Microscope - SUM

JA Consulting have an ‘off the shelf’ service that can be deployed at will within any organisation.

Professional framework developed by international sales experts.

  • There are practices fundamental to all commercial activities that, when applied consistently, will be successful. Business development and sales management are no different.

Tailored in delivery to the unique characteristics of the business.

  • Led by structured interviews with the leadership team, the framework is adapted into a new shape, specific to the business under the microscope.

Where has SUM been used?

Applicable to medium sized and listed enterprises, the results produced by Sales Under the Microscope are price sensitive.

However, some anonymised results include:

Validated thoroughly the sales pipeline for a listed company which led to a revision of the revenue forecasts.

Highlighted weaknesses in sales performance arising from skills gaps and provided a development plan for recovery.

Reviewed sales strategy and introduced new approaches to secure existing revenue streams and improve growth potential.

If you want to plan your future and need to be able to trust the sales forecast,
talk to us about how SUM might be able to help.