More than a pretty cartoon, more than a mind map …….

  • A collaboration and collection of ideas
  • Puts visualisation of complex problems at the heart of both diagnosing and tackling difficult business issues
  • Encourages different segments of the organisation to get involved and capture pertinent information
  • Visually represents everything which might be relevant in any change situation
  • Often uses humour to enable people to express and talk about ‘feelings’ which seldom have a voice in a professional setting
  • It enables people to raise sensitive issues that are difficult to address when using written or spoken word – people able to accept ‘harsher’ messages when they’re communicated visually
  • Engages a broader group of people in understanding where the future focus needs to be

On its own, a rich picture won’t solve every problem but using it as a mechanism to understand what’s going on, and what the solutions are, it unlocks a different – and often innovative – approach.

An approach that is able to communicate complex situations to a wider audience.

How well does it work in practice?

We find this works best if you use the picture to talk over as you’re discussing with individuals or groups, so literally point at particular characters when you’re talking about problems, or solutions that they’re trying to achieve. Or explain the process of developing a rich picture – it helps to draw people into the picture and show them how it can be a communication tool.

A quick way to understand complexity

See connections that might otherwise be lost

Say more with imagery than words alone

To find out how rich pictures could open up your conversations