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Business transformation isn't easy and can involve plenty of misunderstanding.....

... and that's a big part of why change often doesn't stick.

To make organisational changes successfully, you need to know what roadmap you're going to follow and the pace you should go at. 

Not only that, but you need everyone working on the same page with a shared goal, and fully invested in the end result. 

This is quite a feat, especially in a large and complex organisation, but it is possible.

To get your staff invested in your transformation effort, you need to actively help them see the big picture of what you're doing and why. And this is what a rich picture does.

JA Consulting have helped us articulate our corporate vision and the essential strategic changes necessary to realise the vision and drive significantly enhanced business performance for our stakeholders.

CEO, Private Equity Firm

What is a rich picture?

A rich picture is an elaborate visual representation of a situation. It consists of pictures, text, symbols and icons, which illustrate the complexity of a situation as it includes every element and relationship that needs to be considered when looking for improvements that can be made.

A rich picture is invaluable when explaining the path to change and encouraging individuals to work together, as it is a collaboration and collection of ideas. It can be used to analyse the current situation and structure, while also helping others to grasp the big picture quickly.

A quick way to understand complexity

See connections that might otherwise be lost

Say more with imagery than words alone

Why create a rich picture?

  • Put visualisation of complex problems at the heart of both diagnosing and tackling difficult business issues.
  • Identify relationships and connections you might have otherwise missed, and themes you want to explore further.
  • It enables people to raise sensitive issues that are difficult to address when using written or spoken word – people are able to accept ‘harsher’ messages when they’re communicated visually.
  • Ensure that all employees throughout the organisation are on the same page and are able to freely exchange ideas.
  • It's a non-threatening and optionally humorous way of illustrating different perspectives and conflicts. 
  • Encourage different segments of the organisation to get involved and at every level, and capture pertinent information.
  • Inspire individuals to actively participate in conversations regarding the transformation plan, the culture, the values, and the reasons for the change.
  • Engages a broader group of people in understanding where the future focus needs to be.

On its own, a rich picture won’t solve every problem but using it as a mechanism to understand what’s going on, and what the solutions are, it unlocks a different – and often innovative – approach.

An approach that is able to communicate complex situations to a wider audience.

If you want a multi-faceted view of your strategic vision, where you are now or anything and everything in between, let's talk