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Our clients vary in size, business sector, and operation.

Whilst good change management does not always require deep knowledge of the domain, we pride ourselves on having a solid background in the industries where we work.

We believe that change requires the organisation themselves to buy-into and drive the activity. And whilst we recognise that most organisations benefit from a bit of a helping hand from outside agencies such as ourselves, we also believe strongly that the change has to feel like it comes from within. That means that we always work hard to engage with the senior leadership team of the organisation whichever business sector we work in.

We are very used to operating with different ownership models and organisational constructs, be that publicly or privately owned, national or global structures and sales versus process driven organisations. We also operate comfortably across domains and bring our range of experience from across different industries to bear on the particular problems an organisation is facing.

Making organisations self-sufficient and resilient to operate without us, rather than create a long term dependency on our services, is part of our raison d’etre. That means when we have developed blueprints and implementation plans, we equip organisations with skills and actions to do the implementation themselves although we are often retained as a helping, and challenging, support alongside to maintain momentum.

Breadth & depth across many sectors, including

Plus other sectors such as telecommunications, ship management, automotive, biotechnology, training services and charities.

We tackle each change challenge from the perspective of the desired outcomes and then work out the right way to make that happen. Here’s what some of our clients say about their results:

Developing strategy for a global organisation

“This was a particularly challenging assignment, helping to move a disparate group of sales leaders. What the JA team did in the course of some focused engagements was help us move to a completely different view of the problem and also the likely solution. We were very pleasantly surprised by how much was achieved.”

Strategy & Transformation Director

Organisational merger of three charities

“Many thanks for all your hard work – we were astonished by the quantity and quality of output that you were able to generate in such a short period of time and how quickly you got up to speed with understanding our complex (and not always sane!) organisations. Your sensitivity and intelligence in guiding us forward has saved us immense amounts of time and effort and we are now much better placed to understand and take forward the work from this point.”

Chair of the Joint Trustees Board

Organisational and governance change within the Royal Navy

“A very big thank you for all you have done and all you have meant to so many people here in Navy Command Headquarters, both in the core change team and across the wider leadership team. Rather scarily, but in a good way, you know us almost better than we know ourselves, and have had both the detailed knowledge and the personal engagement style to get under our skin and to challenge us, but always with a view to empowerment and helping us to seek betterment. For that I am most grateful.”

Vice Admiral, Fleet Commander of the Royal Navy

Case Studies

All the work we do is based on deep experience and we utilise the most comprehensive research sources to ensure that whatever we do will deliver results. Our broad experience means we can quickly make interventions that are pragmatic and built on what the best do – and often brought to life with real case illustrations.

Check out our case studies.