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In the dynamic world of business, change isn't just inevitable—it's essential. However, managing this change effectively can be a significant challenge, especially if you don’t have buy-in for change. Drawing from our extensive experience in guiding businesses through transformation, we've crafted this article to address two critical aspects of change management.

Drawing from our extensive experience in guiding businesses through transformation, we’ve crafted this article to address two critical aspects of change management.

If you’re trying to make changes in your business, whether to your processes or on an organisational level, it’s important to know what hurdles you may come across so you can plan a route over them. Here's how to overcome 7 common barriers when implementing change in business | www.jaconsulting.co.uk

We’ve heard many reasons why organisations say they can’t implement change or make it stick. And it’s because change is tough. It’s uncomfortable pushing ourselves and our people out of our comfort zones, and this leads to many barriers to implementing change successfully.

Learn to Ask Better Sales Questions | jaconsulting.co.uk

One of the things that always surprises me in our work in complex sales is the response to this question – ‘have you ever been taught a commercial questioning tool?’

Become a Better Listener | jaconsulting.co.uk Man's face with finger to mouth to stay quiet

Are you REALLY listening to your clients, or just waiting to speak? After all, you are going to be valued as an adviser for your knowledge and expertise in your specialist area of complex sales, aren’t you? Yes…but no!

visual depiction of effective facilitation of an event

When one of our leading consultants had to design and deliver seven tailored events in one month, effective facilitation was key. it required an incredibly efficient and clinical approach to preparation and planning logistics to be successful. Here’s how it was done.

words saying time for change

Change can make a huge impact on an organisation. But, how do you know when is the right time to start implementing change?

A large group of people - delivering value

I talked previously about the importance of talking about value and how it must be phrased in terms of business outcomes. Here we expand on the work we’re delivering for a leading global professional services firm and how we deliver value for them.

What do we mean by value? And in whose eyes is that value? Learn more about the importance of talking about value when talking with clients.


If you’re worrying about delivery, keeping your team together, retaining talent then you’re probably adding to the stress levels of all your resources: your team, your board and yourself.

A picture of John Moss of JA Consulting

After a year like no other we catch up with JA Consulting’s Managing Director, John Moss, to hear his thoughts and experiences as the UK emerges from the latest (and hopefully the last) COVID-19 lockdown.

Dealing with procurement webinars & workshops

What is it that any team dealing with procurement – especially when it’s a complex sale – needs to know? We’ve brought together some of our tips from the last year to explore this very question.

When my cycling buddy rang to see if I wanted a ride over the weekend, he was surprised when I answered no!! I never turn down the opportunity for a cycle, so why did I?