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Welcome to Reflections, a collection of items designed to provide you with musings on various topics, from personal anecdotes to informative articles.

We have carefully curated and compiled these ramblings so whether you’re looking for inspiration, knowledge, or a simple read, we are confident that you will find something that resonates with you.

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Independent Facilitation

JA Consulting has significant experience
in facilitation in many business domains
and a large range of event scales – from
urgent issue resolution meetings of 3 or
4 people to large design reviews with
>250 individuals.

Our experience includes large scale MoD
procurements (asset based and private
financed), sales events (new product,
price increases etc), strategy planning,
communications, operations, risk and
project management.

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Coaching is often only provided to a few cherished individuals and that’s often because of the perceived cost implications and the seemingly prescriptive approach to one style of coaching. And yet, coaching can cover such a broad spectrum of activities and bring about substantial enhancements in people’s skills, attitude, knowledge and productivity that we believe there are huge benefits for individuals and businesses.

Our aim is to make people more effective by pushing the boundaries of what they think they can achieve, taking on a total business and personal perspective at the same time for maximum effect.


Project Management Coaching

The ability to manage projects well is becoming critical to almost every business. This is partly driven by the increasing business tempo and also by the increasing complexity of product or service. In addition, terms like “programme” and “portfolio of projects” are becoming more common as organisations attempt to manage complex interdependencies.

More and more businesses realise that the sheer complexity of management requires project management skills. A key area where this is being applied more and more is in change management programmes.