•        Enhancing the capabilities of global players

Who we work with

For many years JA Consulting has helped oil, lubricants & fuels suppliers devise and implement business growth strategies nationally and globally.

Our expertise includes benchmarking, sales territory re-organisation, price increase strategies, management development programmes, sales skills development for business managers and account handlers plus project implementation.

What we do

Primarily we’re asked to focus on…..

  • Sales efficiency: determining how the whole sales process is managed to optimise the return on investment in sales.
  • Sales effectiveness: from large set piece workshops through to one on one coaching of CEOs, sales directors, sales managers and strategic account managers. In many cases we end up helping account teams devise a win strategy and then help them manage the implementation of that strategy.
  • Sales profitability: typically maximising customer and business profitability making sure that you get a price that reflects the true value you are creating for a customer.
  • Offer development: working with marketing and sales teams to take their customer understanding to create a distinctive, often innovative, offer that typically goes way beyond the ‘product’.

In addition, our interventions are backed up with coaching support from a number of consultants who specialise in helping aspiring leaders reach the next step in their leadership development.

The results

Our experience in this field covers nearly 30 years. We have a strong reputation for enhancing sales skills, developing stronger sales results and transforming the way business deals with procurement professionals.

One project resulted in the creation of a company-wide process for management of key accounts which is now considered to be market leading. Sales increased, customer satisfaction went up and the account management team is now considered one of the most prestigious parts of the company to work in. Individual accounts showed massive revenue increase; in the case of one logistics company operating aircraft, ships and trucks the account manager turned the account from $10m to $100m in two years.

“JA helped us develop a powerful framework for delivering sales and marketing development across the entire customer facing businesses. This covered all aspects of marketing and levels of sales activities from retailing to global and strategic account management. In particular, they helped us understand the importance of changing behaviour, and building relationships, particularly for leaders in these areas, as well as the importance of coaching interventions. Looking back, this was a significant change program which I am glad to say is still very much in place, and something which I am very proud of. I found having a partner in John, to help reflect on the progress, and ask the difficult questions, invaluable.” RW – ex Group VP, global energy business