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The key to good facilitation (and change that sticks) is ????? focusing on the people.

Good facilitation is a very complex task.

How many meetings have you attended where objectives aren’t clearly stated or agreed, let alone achieved – where all the parties don’t contribute – where the outcome isn’t clearly and efficiently documented?

It’s very hard for a team leader or member to run events when they are part of the team itself.

Whatever the situation, an independent facilitator will ensure that colleagues’ time isn’t wasted and that you don’t walk out of the door feeling that you have not achieved enough. 

Many thanks for your excellent facilitation. Facilitation is all about cutting through the behavioural barriers in meetings to make them more effective. We have worked with several members of the JA Consulting team, from meetings to large reviews of 70+

Mike Cherry, MBE. Director, Secure Telecommunications

Why is facilitation so important?

It helps teams to work together more effectively

To implement any change successfully, a positive environment must be created where everyone feels heard and understood and where ideas can be freely exchanged.

It helps organisations achieve positive and sustainable change

By improving communication, increasing collaboration, and building trust, facilitation can help you achieve your goals more quickly and with better results.

We facilitate this process by helping your team identify the root cause of your challenges and designing customised solutions to address them.

A focussed approach

Identify the root causes of your challenges

  • Our experienced consultants collaborate with your team.
  • We design customised solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Develop a clear action plan

  • Our consultants are highly trained and skilled at breaking down complex tasks into manageable steps.
  • Get the blueprints to successfully implement new projects and large-scale change with greater predictability.

Build a stronger, more cohesive team

  • Our consultants specialise in team building and leadership development.
  • For successful facilitation, you need a team that is aligned around a shared vision for success.

Keep yourself accountable to maintain your success

  • We believe that success comes from accountability, that’s why we work with you to set clear expectations, provide ongoing support, and monitor progress.
  • We are committed to your success and ensure you achieve the results you want.


“You guys seem to have captured the energy and the teamwork which was contagious across the 2 days. Well done and thank you for your professional facilitation and leadership across the event. It was a great atmosphere, fun, enlightening, vibrant and creative, qualities which are not always easy to establish with a big mixed group.”

Partner, Professional Services


“All the sessions JAC ran were expertly facilitated … they showed the skill and flexibility to adapt the programme agenda according to the flow of dialogue and the input of the participants. It is extremely rare to find a capability development partner as willing and committed to adjust their work - often in ‘real time’ - to the environment we work in.”

Anon, Defence systems provider


"You have an uncanny ability to manage the process and focus on the key issues whilst maintaining robust independence. Despite operating in a friendly, flexible and facilitative manner, it's clear that a lot of planning has gone into whatever you do. A great team that brings with them success."

Mike Cherry, MBE. Director, Secure Telecommunications 

We give you end-to-end support with…

Designing and planning

From outlining your objectives and desired outcomes to working out the logistics of the facilitation.


From checking progress against outcomes to moving everything towards achieving the outputs.


From analysing the high-level key findings and documenting the raw outputs to debriefing and handing over to the team.





Want to know more about how our facilitation services can help you achieve your goals?

Contact us today to discuss where you want to take your organisation and what you need to do to execute it.

A meeting room with empty chairs


Independent facilitation

JA Consulting has significant experience
in facilitation in many business domains
and a large range of event scales – from
urgent issue resolution meetings of 3 or
4 people to large design reviews with
>250 individuals.

Our experience includes large scale MoD
procurements (asset based and private
financed), sales events (new product,
price increases etc), strategy planning,
communications, operations, risk and
project management.

JA Consulting


How JA Consulting helped deliver a large-scale project in a high-stress environment.

With complex commercial structures and projects that have tight deadlines, delivery is challenging! Find out how we improved the speed and coordination of delivery through coaching of key individuals, facilitation, and robust process management…

visual depiction of effective facilitation of an event



JA Consulting (JAC) is experienced in providing highly effective workshops to clients. However, when one of our leading consultants had to design and deliver seven tailored events in one month, we knew effective facilitation would be key and would need an incredibly efficient and clinical approach to preparation and planning logistics. Here’s how it was done and the lessons learnt.