Our focus is helping clients search out more business, keep the business they have and better understand their customers.

Whether you’re growing, re-structuring, re-energising, or re-inventing your business knowing there’s help at hand is often a way to optimise your success. Our experienced consultants work with many businesses to help them achieve their goals, whatever the circumstances.

We partner with you to help you to deliver differentiated business performance.

We help you get more out of your business than you could using internal resources alone, and more quickly.

We provide access to the latest best practice often more cost effectively than the company can do itself.

We provide coaches, mentors, facilitators and interim leaders to assist you during your transition.

Working with a broad spectrum of businesses has helped us deepen our knowledge in different market sectors. What’s more, we’re able to spot opportunities and success factors in one sector that could help businesses in other sectors.


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Whatever the situation or the market sector, we aim to provide a solution that is tailor-made.

That doesn’t mean we devise everything each time we work with a client; when appropriate we will adapt processes and solutions we know work to ensure costs are within your budgets. We will create new strategies, methodologies and tools when required, maintaining our highest standards of quality and cost-effectiveness.

To achieve the desired changes and improvements, we work with our clients in a number of ways:

  • We facilitate – working with groups on real issues and applying models and frameworks to specific situations.
  • We develop skills – we train by transmitting information as quickly and simply as possible and then turn that (easily absorbed) knowledge into working skills (not so easy as people imagine!) by providing practice with skilled, individual feedback. All our training has its content and format designed to meet the particular needs (and constraints) of an individual client and the participant group.
  • We work on-the-job. This can take a number of forms – coaching individuals or groups through, or in preparation for, particular tasks or learning processes. And direct consultancy, for example; helping plan a sales proposal, reviewing drafts, and providing analysis of output.