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We’re proud to have served a great many clients during our 35+ years in business. We’re also very protective of all of our clients’ privacy, so you won’t find us divulging client identities for everything we do. But our clients are keen to share their stories about their successes.

Explore some of the successes we can tell you about.


How JA Consulting helped RPS build trust and advocacy with their clients, ensure ongoing delivery, and drive recurring revenue.

RPS wanted to provide high-value client experiences at every stage of the buyer journey. To do that, they needed to develop their consultants and connect their marketing and sales across the whole journey. Here´s how we helped them keep the client at the core to create recurring revenue…


How firms use JA Consulting to teach their audit managers to spot business development opportunities.

For many new managers, business development is scary. But anyone can learn to do it. Here´s how we teach them how to sell and equip them with skills they can immediately apply (one manager of which spotted an opportunity for ~£90,000 worth of new work).


How JA Consulting increased annual sales by 27% in a highly competitive market.

Without senior consultants actively participating in business development, the ambitious growth aspirations of the company would not have been achieved. Find out how we caused this mindset and habit shift which resulted in a 27% sales increase…


How a large-scale telecommunications company used JA Consulting to get the best out of their team.

As the business had undergone significant changes, the commercial department needed to develop a new way of working. Find out how we helped them develop a common language and realign their goals to get them working towards a set of common objectives… 


How sales coaching from JA Consulting helped one of the largest professional services firms negotiate a £300k contingent fee.

Here is how a technically-adept tax professional developed confidence in sales, resulting in him negotiating what would have been a £25k contingent fee up to £300k. It´s all about thinking about the value to the client but also to the firm…


How JA Consulting helped an organisation win £90,000 worth of new work by building their confidence with business development.

A large accounting firm (just outside the Big 4), needed their recently qualified accountants/tax specialists to learn how to spot and develop work opportunities. We delivered our highly rated “Business Development Confidence Building” workshop, and the results spoke for themselves…


How JA Consulting helped a Big 4 firm transform their tax group, adding £45M to their top line.

With the market changing and big growth ambitions, a Big 4 firm attempted to get more focused sales activity from their senior tax people. Find out how our coaching and sales management helped them gain a process, one of which added £45M to their top line within 18 months…


How JA Consulting helped deliver a large-scale project in a high-stress environment.

With complex commercial structures and projects that have tight deadlines, delivery is challenging! Find out how we improved the speed and coordination of delivery through coaching of key individuals, facilitation, and robust process management…


When we next update our clients' successes, we’ll include the details here.

Perhaps it could be your story.


We’re always happy to share our latest thinking on issues far and wide affecting organisations today.

Here’s some of our latest thinking.

A circle of shoes of various styles and colours. How to do customer journey mapping to boost sales | jaconsulting.co.uk


How customer journey mapping can uncover hidden opportunities in B2B selling

Are you leaving valuable opportunities untapped in your B2B sales process? Learn how to do customer journey mapping so you never miss an opportunity again…

words saying time for change


When's a good time for change?

Change can make a huge impact on an organisation. But, how do you know when is the right time to start implementing change?


The importance of talking about value

What do we mean by value? And in whose eyes is that value? Learn more about the importance of talking about value when talking with clients.


Sharing our thoughts 

Here’s some of our latest thinking.

Reflections on a range of topics

A meeting room with empty chairs


Independent facilitation

JA Consulting has significant experience
in facilitation in many business domains
and a large range of event scales – from
urgent issue resolution meetings of 3 or
4 people to large design reviews with
>250 individuals.

Our experience includes large scale MoD
procurements (asset based and private
financed), sales events (new product,
price increases etc), strategy planning,
communications, operations, risk and
project management.

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Coaching is often only provided to a few cherished individuals and that’s often because of the perceived cost implications and the seemingly prescriptive approach to one style of coaching. And yet, coaching can cover such a broad spectrum of activities and bring about substantial enhancements in people’s skills, attitude, knowledge and productivity that we believe there are huge benefits for individuals and businesses.

Our aim is to make people more effective by pushing the boundaries of what they think they can achieve, taking on a total business and personal perspective at the same time for maximum effect.


Project Management Coaching

The ability to manage projects well is becoming critical to almost every business. This is partly driven by the increasing business tempo and also by the increasing complexity of product or service. In addition, terms like “programme” and “portfolio of projects” are becoming more common as organisations attempt to manage complex interdependencies.

More and more businesses realise that the sheer complexity of management requires project management skills. A key area where this is being applied more and more is in change management programmes.