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“You never really know someone until you stand in their shoes and walk around in them.”

Atticus Finch (adapted)
To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee

All firms need to grow their top line, but clients are becoming more demanding.....

Research with large organisations by McKinsey, LinkedIn and others suggests that more and more people are involved in the buying process and they are using ever increasing channels to access information about what they might want to buy.

Clients do not want face-to-face time until they are more certain about what services they need, and this is having a profound impact on traditional business development models and processes.

Marketing communications play an increasingly important role, not only in building awareness and generating leads, but also nurturing those leads through to the point at which clients are ready to engage with sales.

With many interactions taking place remotely using many different channels, how do firms organise themselves to meet client expectations consistently?

To help we’ve developed a ground-breaking approach to help you really understand your clients so you can develop better business relationships.

We call it Walking in Your Client's Shoes.

You can expect fresh thinking to help your firm’s people, processes and systems deliver the experience your clients want.

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With Walking in Your Client's Shoes you'll get to....

  • Identify all the people involved in making the purchasing decision and create a detailed pen portrait of each
  • Understand how the client wants to manage their buying journey, what information they want and how they want to access it
  • Make sure your firm’s people, processes and systems deliver the experience your clients want

After all, everyone who interacts with your clients should understand what really matters to those clients and how to work with them.

Key people from your organisation will participate in a highly engaging and interactive workshop to build a comprehensive pen portrait of key people within your client. This is ideally augmented with interviews or surveys we have conducted with your client.

We start with understanding the people involved in making the decision, using our decision-making model “SPACE”.

Then, with your input, together we'll build a comprehensive picture of what your client is doing at each stage of their decision-making process.

We’ll highlight where there are differences between what you do and how clients want to engage.


Everyone who interacts with your clients should understand what really matters to those clients and how to work with them, so you’ll receive a detailed report with recommendations for practical next steps.

12 People, 7 Stages: Navigating the Complex B2B Buyer Journey

Suppliers have been working on simplifying sales since the dawn of selling, but only a few have managed to convert leads successfully and consistently. The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, suppliers are often focused on taking the customer’s lead and giving them more information and options, which causes overwhelm and decision paralysis, making the buying decision harder. And secondly, the B2B buying process has changed significantly over the last few years, which many may not be aware of or have adapted to.

If you can correct these mistakes and make the B2B buying process smoother and more efficient, making sales and maintaining long-term relationships will not just be doable, it will be the norm. This article explains how the buying process has changed and how understanding it can help you close the deal more often than not.

Learn more about navigating the complex B2B buyer journey 

Choose to work with a team that understands how clients buy

We are a team of highly experienced leaders who have worked in client-facing organisations across professional services, industry, defence. We understand the challenges of working in the “real world” and have a tried and tested process to help you walk in the shoes of your clients.

Our goal at JA Consulting is to always provide our clients with pragmatic, technology agnostic solutions, that help people, professional firms and companies succeed.


We’re not trying to persuade you to buy a CRM system, but rather hold a mirror up and help you ask yourself the question…………

“Are we making it easy for our clients to engage with us?”

If the answer’s, “No,” call us. JA Consulting can help.

Because……walking in the shoes of your clients is the quickest way to grow your own top line.