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About Alison

Alison is a fervent and experienced advocate of utilising solutions focussed thinking and coaching approaches to enhance confidence and competence of individuals and teams, particularly during the course of complex change initiatives. From a career forged in product management and latterly marketing communications, her extensive business experience crosses a range of diverse industries preparing Alison troubleshooting problems and offering workable solutions. She’s enthusiastic about how organisations implement change, and helping them do it effectively. And she’s understanding of the challenges leaders face in the change environment and works with them to help them be better prepared, skilled and more confident to deliver. 

Alison is an experienced and qualified coach coaching people from across a wide spectrum of organisations and roles; each with their own development needs and views her role as a catalyst to their progress. She offers a purposeful approach to coaching: helping the coachee clarify where they want to get to and utilising an adaptable framework supported with specific questioning to help get them there. Pragmatic and practical she uses an array of models and tools to help coachees think things through and turn thoughts into actions. She aims to create a relaxed, yet focused, environment where coachees engage their imagination and possible solutions can be discussed and explored in safety. She listens and reflects on what’s being said and helps the coachee connect their experiences to new approaches.  

Alison holds a degree in Biochemistry and Chemistry and whilst she fell into marketing early in her career, she leverages her technical training in helping her to truly understand the product offerings of her clients. Alison was recently awarded a MSc with Distinction researching into the relationship between successful organisational change and coaching. 

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