When's a good time for change?

The start of a new year usually feels like a great time for change.

Not just because we need to retrain our brains to write a new end digit for the date, but because each year begins with an air of promise.

It is a time for goal setting. For making plans to do things better than the year prior.

Or maybe the start of the financial year is the better time to initiate change.

New budgets, new targets, new opportunities – a fresh start perhaps and a renewed energy to make something happen.

But, should change really only be reserved for the start of a new year or the financial year?

If something isn’t quite right in your organisation now, then you shouldn’t have to wait to start making a change.

In fact, any time is the perfect time for change.

So, how do you assess if your business really needs change?

If you do, which changes are going to have the most impact?

And, how can you make sure any change you make is effective?

Well, wonder no more! Instead, read on to find the answers to these questions and to decide if now is the right time for change within your organisation.



New Outlook, New Plans

They say a change is as good as a holiday. Unfortunately, not all change can be as well planned out as a fortnight on a sun-kissed island! Some change can be unexpected.

Goodness knows there has been a large amount of global change in the last couple of years. As a result, organisations have been required to adapt and evolve to accommodate an ever-shifting landscape.

But, those changes have all been reactive ones.

What about the proactive changes that help your organisation focus on the things that are important to you? The change that strategically transforms the way you do things and enables you to align your processes and outputs with your core business values.

Now is the perfect time to make those changes.



Asking ‘what is change’ might seem like a silly question. We all know that change means moving from one thing, idea or process to another.

But, change can differ in magnitude. Change can encompass everything from switching coffee brands in the lunchroom, to a completely new direction or even a new leader for the organisation.

The kind of change we are discussing is not just about putting new ideas of process in place. It’s about developing your people to build capability, competence and confidence throughout your business so that you can keep up with your success.

Change helps you shift the way you do things in some way. It could involve a new sales strategy, company restructure, shift in business vision, or development of processes to enable further growth.



You don’t want to make changes in your organisation just for the sake of it.

But, lacking strategy, purpose, efficiency, productivity, cohesion or consistent sales progress in your organisation are all great reasons for change. So are, growth, company restructure, reinvention or the desire to re-energise your business culture.

If you have identified or experienced any of these things recently, then now is the perfect time for change in your organisation.

Change will help you to achieve greater efficiency in your business. That can mean improved employee productivity, talent retention, increased cooperation and collaboration within your organisation, better strategies and processes, implementation of agile business practices, creating a path to achieve specific goals or objectives, and so much more.



So, we know change can make a big impact on an organisation, but how do you know when is the right time to start?

There are a number of common themes we see. If your organisation is experiencing some of the below occurrences, then now is the perfect time to consider change:

  • Your company actions are no longer aligned with your overall goals
  • An issue has been identified and you want a different outcome
  • Things don’t function consistently or smoothly
  • The organisation has new leadership
  • Communication does not flow effectively and there are issues with the overall company culture
  • You feel as though the organisation has a lack of direction
  • You aren’t able to service your clients or customers as effectively as before
  • Sales are up and down with little consistency
  • Your market has changed and you need to change in response
  • You’re struggling to recruit or retain staff



When making the decision for change, you need to make sure you are creating effective strategies to initiate, implement and sustain it.

There is a very human element to consider with any change. Effective change will ensure that your team embraces and adopts these new ideas. So, how can you make this happen?

The best way is to seek the support of an experienced Change Management team who will help you to build the internal ownership and structures that can deliver effectively.

Most organisational change is complex. Not just in the new processes to be devised and implemented, but in the human element too. Employees bring long-formed habits, office dynamics, differing personalities, and various levels of compliance. It can be very difficult to navigate these aspects internally!

But, by having an external team help you implement change, you bring a depth of experience from other sectors and a way to unite your existing team with feedback, surveys and ideas. Instead of feeling as though change is being forced on them, your team will feel empowered.



Is now the perfect time to create effective change in your organisation?

Then the team at JA Consulting are the ones to help you do it. We specialise in creating change that makes a true difference in an organisation. Our clients vary in size, business sector and operation, so we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on.

Our change process equips you with the blueprints and implementation plans you need to maintain momentum and build a resilient business strategy that will carry you into the future.

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