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Learn to Ask Better Sales Questions | jaconsulting.co.uk

One of the things that always surprises me in our work in complex sales is the response to this question – ‘have you ever been taught a commercial questioning tool?’

Become a Better Listener | jaconsulting.co.uk Man's face with finger to mouth to stay quiet

Are you REALLY listening to your clients, or just waiting to speak? After all, you are going to be valued as an adviser for your knowledge and expertise in your specialist area of complex sales, aren’t you? Yes…but no!


If you’re worrying about delivery, keeping your team together, retaining talent then you’re probably adding to the stress levels of all your resources: your team, your board and yourself.

Dealing with Procurement from JA Consulting

Lots of salespeople, be they junior or very senior, shy away from engaging with procurement. Maybe they view them as some sort of ogre. They aren’t, they are human beings. However, their agenda is very different to that of the salesperson. You need to get ready for the right conversation.

Virtual coaching is a coaching conversation that takes place using a method other than face-to-face. Although the coronavirus has likely propelled more coaches into virtual coaching, it’s not a new thing for us.

Lockdowns and emotions - coaching reflection

The Covid-19 pandemic has unquestionably been one of the biggest change events in many years. We may not associate this change event with grief, but there are many similarities to be drawn.