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“You never really know someone until you stand in their shoes and walk around in them.” Atticus Finch (adapted) To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee All firms need to grow their top line, but clients are becoming more demanding….. Research with large organisations by McKinsey, LinkedIn and others suggests that more and more people…

A large group of people - delivering value

I talked previously about the importance of talking about value and how it must be phrased in terms of business outcomes. Here we expand on the work we’re delivering for a leading global professional services firm and how we deliver value for them.

What do we mean by value? And in whose eyes is that value? Learn more about the importance of talking about value when talking with clients.

Dealing with procurement webinars & workshops

What is it that any team dealing with procurement – especially when it’s a complex sale – needs to know? We’ve brought together some of our tips from the last year to explore this very question.

When my cycling buddy rang to see if I wanted a ride over the weekend, he was surprised when I answered no!! I never turn down the opportunity for a cycle, so why did I?