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A large group of people - delivering value

I talked previously about the importance of talking about value and how it must be phrased in terms of business outcomes. Here we expand on the work we’re delivering for a leading global professional services firm and how we deliver value for them.

What do we mean by value? And in whose eyes is that value? Learn more about the importance of talking about value when talking with clients.

When my cycling buddy rang to see if I wanted a ride over the weekend, he was surprised when I answered no!! I never turn down the opportunity for a cycle, so why did I?

JA CONSULTING | Keeping Teams Together

With the cornonavirus pandemic some businesses have been able to respond easily, whilst others have had to scramble to respond to the new world with teams separated for the first time.

3 ways to build sales relationships

What strategies do your Sales Account Management teams have in place to win your next contract? How do they work with sophisticated procurement departments? In this blog post we discuss three of our top tips for building successful sales relationships with the ‘professional buyer’.